Global Bitcoin Conference

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  • @ Bangalore, India

    Global Bitcoin Conference
    On December 14th – 15th, 2013

    Sheraton Hotel, 26/1 Dr. Rajkumar Road, Malleswaram-Rajajinagar, Bangalore
  • @ Bangalore, India

    Bitcoin is the Future of Money!
    December 14th – 15th, 2013

    Sheraton Hotel, 26/1 Dr. Rajkumar Road, Malleswaram-Rajajinagar, Bangalore

About the conference

Hello All attendees,
I want to take this opportunity to thank our speakers and delegates at the conference without whom this fruitful conference would not have been possible. I also wish to thank Josh from ButterflyLabs for his generous donation and being a title sponsor for the conference, and for Sheraton hotel for providing the venue and Oddessy team for setting up a beautiful place to for the event. I would also wish to thank my team for helping me out to conduct the conference. Never the less my employees who have worked for 2 months consistently towards completing Unocoin – a bitcoin buying and selling webservice to be launched on this day of the conference.

Photos can be found at:

Videos can be found at:

I believe, our efforts from CoinMonk team whose aim has been to bring bitcoin awareness to common public has done full justification to the held conference.

Thank you,
Sathvik Vishwanath
CoinMonk Ventures Private Limited CEO and Global Bitcoin Conference Organizer

Speakers @ conference


Gangesh Ganesan

Gangesh Ganesan

Served as President and CEO of Ubicom, a processor company that got acquired by Qualcomm in 2012. He am also the founder of a Big Data startup called Factals, Inc. – focused on Hadoop Infrastructure Optimization. Now working with a group on a Bitcoin startup, together with some seasoned Silicon Valley veterans with Semiconductor, ASIC and System background and is are building next-generation Bitcoin Mining hardware at the highest performance, low power and low cost.
Topic: Next generation mining hardware and equipments


Krishna Dutt

Krishna Dutt

Krishna is a Bank Manager with decades of experience in Banking industry and has got fascinated by bitcoin which is expanding financial universe. She has always been a part of the meetups held in Bangalore twice a month.
Topic: Her understanding of bitcoin


Deva Raj

Deva Raj

Devaraj is an Architect with Cognizant GTO.
He have expertise in iOS and Flex Development, Omnipresent web Junkie, Voracious Reader and Lover of Tech.
Involved in various community Activities like conducting Flex@Beach.
He was also an entrepreneur, founder of AdamsStudio (
Topic: The usage of cryptography in bitcoin p2p distribution, how secured is bitcoin and bitcoin transaction


Sargam Singh

Sargam Singh

Sargam Singh is the Product Line Manager with IBM India Software Labs, responsible for WebSphere Connectivity and Integration products for India/ South Asia and ASEAN region. Additionally, she is the Industry focal for banking and engaged in exploring the emerging trends in this vertical. Sargam has an overall industry experience of 16 years, and has been with IBM for past 8 years. She is a keen evangelist of technology and has expertise in middle-ware technologies, SOA and IoT (Internet of Things) connectivity.
Topic: Emerging Trends around Cashless Payments


Sumit Ghosh

Sumit Ghosh

Sumit is a geek and a growth hacker. He setup Globussoft in 2009 and has grown his company from a 4 people garage team to a 2 million dollars annual revenues company from a small little known city of Bhilai in Chattisgarh. In 2013 after discovering bit-coin and realizing it’s potential he setup Zuckup Payments Pvt Ltd to play his part in shaping the digital crypto-currency eco-system in India. Zuckup is creating India’s first Real Time bit-coin trading platform and a bitcoin based p2p mobile wallet solution. More details can be found on and
Topic – Realtime Bitcoin trading and BitCoin based p2p mobile wallets


Miten Mehta

Miten Mehta

Miten Mehta is a Board Member, Angel Investor, Entrepreneur and P&L Leader with a proven track record for scaling businesses, delivering consistent growth, driving relentless innovation and creating enduring value for customers, in fast growth hyper competitive markets. Also carries the broad experience across complete range of functions inclusive of engineering, marketing, branding, sales, general management and M&A. Building & nurturing strong, vibrant, high functioning teams across geographic boundaries.
Topic: Bitcoin driving Any Transaction on Mobile (B-ATOM)


Deepak Mantwal

Deepak Mantwal

Deepak Kumar has worked with corporate around the globe. He is close follower & blog writer on digital currency discussion forums. He moved from Dubai to India when learned about opportunity at Laxmicoin. Apart from day to day operations, he is creating awareness for digital currency in India and its future prospects.
Topic: Alternate coins and Laxmicoin to India in specific


Vijayashankar Na

Vijayashankar Na

Na.Vijayashankar popularly known as Naavi is a pioneer in the field of Cyber Laws in India. He is a Cyber law and Inforamtion Assurance consultant based in Bangalore. He is the founder of and related services. He is a visiting faculty in a number of premier law institutes in the country and author of the first book on Cyber Laws in India. Naavi is also a well known netizen activist and has been associated with many policy making bodies.
Topic: Cyber Laws in India and Bitcoin


Harish Patel

Harish Patel

Harsh is a member of Bitcoin Foundation(education commitee) . He is a co-founder of Team Matrix, (An online Information security community for spreading awareness of information security.) He is currently working in a IT giant as a consultant. His areas of interest include anything and everything in the domain of cryptocurrencies, Information security, cryptography and virtual economics. His research includes decentralised exchange, legal aspects of virtual currencies, market analysis and many more…
Topic: Future of Bitcoin and Decentralized Exchange


Mike Jain

Mike Jain

Since 2007, Mike Jain consulted and build SaaS applications for business across US, Canada and UK. Mike Jain currently working on 2 major projects involves bitcoin which will allow people to buy and sell bitcoin locally with trust rating factor and Bitcoin Virtual Terminal which will help merchants / service providers to accept bitcoins with their existing POS / Invoice system. In Global Bitcoin Conference, Mike Jain will speak on his presentation “Bitcoin Explained” which will help new bitcoin users to get started with buy, sell and mine on bitcoin network.
Topic: Bitcoin Explained !


Anandh Maddy

Anandh Maddy

Anandh is a chennai based ERP consultant for APAC region and a budding entrepreneur focused on short-filming,real estate ventures and the export of indian goods .Impressed by a journal published by Satoshi Nakamoto san ,who is said to be the founding father of Bitcoin strategy while doing a  ” Design Thinking ” process that led to the market research on  ”Bitcoin”, the future of trading.He will be soon investing in Bitcoins and promote the same adhering to the trading policies.
Topic : Bitcoin – A boon or bane to globalisation.


Vishnu Vardhan

Vishnu Vardhan

A Financial and Strategy consultant with more than a decade experience in the area of Investments & Analysis, Vishnu Vardhan is the person behind the idea and execution of INRBTC – Bitcoin Trading Platform. From his previous role as a CFO of public listed company, Vishnu brings to the Trading platform both his trading experience and financial acumen.
Topic: Decentralised Exchange – Benefits and Perils


Amitabh Saxena

Amitabh Saxena

Amitabh works as a administrator for security security in an MNC. He holds a PhD in cryptography and has a very deeper understanding of how bitcoin works at the core, the security of bitcoin and the bitcoin transactions bring to the table.
Topic: Demystifying Bitcoin, A Cryptographer’s Perspective


Mahin Gupta

Mahin Gupta

Buysellbitcoin offers Indian clients to buy and sell bitcoin in less than 5 minutes using a simple NEFT transfer.  Mahin will be speaking about his experience in building India’s first truly successful bitcoin company.
Topic: Buying and Selling of bitcoins in India


Johann Gevers

Johann Gevers

Cofounder and CEO of Monetas.
Monetas is building the world’s most advanced system for financial and legal transactions. Johann is an entrepreneur with twenty years experience in business, finance, and technology. He has served as strategic advisor and consultant to companies across diverse industries, including award-winning technology startups.
Topic: Open Transactions


Nilam Doctor

Nilam Doctor

Nilam Doctor, Ahmedabad-based software professional and Bitcoin investor, has developed a trading platform for the virtual currency, rBitcoin.  He will be speaking about his current, future projects and also about the bitcoin foundation.>br>
Topic: Bitcoin as and investment and trading bitcoins


Josh Zerlan

Josh Zerlan

Butterfly Labs manufactures a line of high speed encryption processors for use in bitcoin mining, research, telecommunication and security applications.
Topic: Bitcoin Mining and upcoming technologies


Benson Samuel

Benson Samuel

Benson is a bitcoin consultant & developer.  He does a lot of work around the Bitcoin ecosystem and has been an integral part of the India Bitcoin movement.  He is an an early adopter of bitcoin and is one of its evangelists.
Topic: Bitcoin’s p2p nature and the added benefits of decentralization


Sunny Ray

Sunny Ray

Sunny is the organizer for the India Bitcoin Meetup group in Bangalore, founder of bitcoin base website and now helping the Buttercoin team to develop India. Sunny will also be representing buttercoin at the conference
Topic: Giving the world a reason to care about bitcoin


Sathvik Vishwanath

Sathvik Vishwanath

Sathvik runs a software company of his own since 2008 and is a technology freak. After knowing about bitcoins, he has taken an initiative named CoinMonk aiming to bring Bitcoin awareness to common public and this Global Bitcoin Conference is a part of that aim.
Topic: Bringing bitcoin to India!


On 14th December 2013 – 3:00 Pm to 7:00 PM at City Bar – UB City

General meetup and greetup among speakers and other attendees. This will happen at City Bar – UB City. This event brings a nice environment for all kinds of discussions and also gets you unlimited select drinks and unlimited select appetizers during the meetup.

On 15th December 2013 – 9:00 AM to 6:00PM at Sheraton

Format: The day is broken into 4 panels with 4-6 panelists each. To begin with, the MC invites all panelists of that panel to the stage, identifying each one. Each speaker does a speech/presentation for no longer than 12 minutes. After all the presentations, the panel moderator leads a 20 minutes discussions (with about 10 questions) between the panelists. Then the last 10 minutes is left open for Q & A with audience. This happens for all 4 panels mentioned below. This format allows presentations, discussions and audience participation in one go and will be very fruitful for all the attendees in minimum time.

9:15am – 11:00am Bitcoins, its benefits of decentralization
Sunny Ray: Giving the world a reason to care about bitcoin.
Mike Jain: Bitcoin Explained !
Krishna Dutt: Her understanding of a bitcoin as a bank manager
Benson Samuel: Bitcoin’s p2p nature and the added benefits of decentralization
Anandh Maddy: Bitcoin – A boon or bane to globalisation
Sathvik Vishwanath: Bringing bitcoin to India

11:00am – 11:30am Tea Break

11:30am – 1:00pm Mining and Network Security
Amitabh Saxena:  Demystifying Bitcoin, A Cryptographer’s Perspective.
Deva Raj: The usage of cryptography in bitcoin p2p distribution, how secure is bitcoin and bitcoin transactions.
Josh Zerlan: Bitcoin Mining and upcoming technologies.
Gangesh Ganesan: Next generation mining hardware and equipments

1:00pm – 2:00pm Lunch Break

2:00pm – 3:30pm Buying and Selling Bitcoins
Johann Gevers: Open Transactions
Vishnu Vardhan: Decentralised Exchange – Benefits and Perils
Mahin Gupta: Buying and Selling of bitcoins in India
Nilam Doctor: Bitcoin as an investment and trading bitcoins
Harish Patel: Future of Bitcoin and Decentralized Exchange

3:30pm – 4:00pm Tea Break

4:00pm – 5:30pm Regulations, Alternate coins, and Emerging Trends
Vijayashankar NA: Cyber Laws in India and Bitcoin
Miten Mehta: Bitcoin driving Any Transaction on Mobile (B-ATOM)
Sumit Ghosh: Realtime Bitcoin trading and BitCoin based p2p mobile wallets
Deepak Mantwal: Alternate coins and Laxmicoin to India in specific
Sargam Singh: Emerging Trends around Cashless Payments

5:30 PM to 6:00 PM: Vote of thanks to speakers, sponsors, panel heads and wrap-up

Panels for discussion

The panels for discussion on the conference day

1. Bitcoin, its benefits of decentralization

2. Mining and Network Security

3. Buying and Selling Bitcoin

4. Regulations, Alternate coins, and Emerging Trends


The booths that will be setup by various participants:

1. Buy Gold coins with Bitcoin symbol on it using bitcoins setup by organizers, buy physical bitcoin coin using bitcoins and Bitcoin miner demonstration by CoinMonk.

2. BTC Robot – an automated way to trade bitcoins

3. Alt coin called Laxmicoin for India

4. Unocoin – An yet to launch web service to buy and sell bitcoins in India

5. Tata DOCOMO

6. Quikwallet



Please contact us using the form below if you wish to be a sponsorer as well


As the event is over, we obviously are no more selling the ticktes :)

Global Bitcoin Conference Team

Tickets can be purchased by using your paypal account (Non Indian visitors) or through bitcoins (worldwide) or through NEFT (Indian Visitors). NEFT is recommended for Indian visitors who do not wish to pay using bitcoins because you wont be able to pay to our Indian paypal account from your Indian paypal account due to regulatory requirements. Please fill up your details and bring the print out of the ticket (that is available after filling out your details) to have a quicker check-in at conference. At the time of check-in one complementary gold plated physical bitcoin loaded with 0.01 BTC will be issued per ticket (only for purchased ones without coupon codes). You will be able to buy more of these through a booth inside.


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Saturday the 14th of December there will be a pre-conference, casual hangout session over a few cocktails with fellow Bitcoiners from across the globe. This will be at the City Bar – UB City between 3:00pm and 7:00pm. Please note that the payment for this event includes entry for 1 and serves unlimited select cocktails and unlimited select appetizers. 

Sunday the 15th of December is the day Conference event held at the Sheraton Hotel. Starting at 9:00 am with a refreshments break at 11:00 am followed by buffet lunch at 1:00 pm and an afternoon refreshments break at 3:30. Please note that Breakfast is not included. The event includes speakers from various walks of the Bitcoin community, panels for discussion and booths for demonstration and sale.

Please note that your conference/ pre conference booking does not include travel/accomodation expenses. Please visit Sheraton Hotel website for Hotel/Room reservations if you wish to make bookings. You can also reach Niranjana (Sheraton) on +91-9591996944 and inform you would be there for Global Bitcoin Conference to get better deal on room bookings.

For Press Pass and Financial Institution Pass, please contact us using the form below and use your official email-id. After confirmation, the tickets will be sent to your email.

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Hotel Sheraton, 26/1 Dr. Rajkumar Road, Malleswaram-Rajajinagar,
Bangalore - 560055, Karnataka, India

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