About GlobalBitcoinConference.com

How to Understand the Cryptoverse for Regular People

Hey there! I’m Anit Tarafdar, and I’m the founder of GlobalBitcoinConference.com, which is where you can find easy-to-understand crypto analysis from an investor’s point of view.

Why do I love blockchain technology and digital assets so much? I saw for myself how it gave my family financial freedom and ownership when other systems failed us. I realized that crypto’s transformative potential deserves a better public understanding, without the fakery and complexity that keeps most people from doing so now.

That’s the fair and helpful role I started GlobalBitcoinConference.com to play through two channels:

  1. An unbiased look at crypto price predictions:
    I use statistical modeling filtered by behavioral psychology insights on investor sentiment to make daily price prediction models for Bitcoin and new altcoins. By showing how I make predictions and keeping track of how accurate they are over time, I hold myself accountable and build credibility in a field that is still developing. The point is to give regular investors the information they need to make their own decisions, not to give them advice.
  2. News Radar That Takes You In:
    Just looking at prices doesn’t shed any light on the bigger picture. To do this, I gathered and explained┬áthe most important changes in crypto’s value caused by regulatory changes, institutional adoption, technological breakthroughs, and expert commentary. Think about how surround sound perspectives can help reduce blind spots.

To sum up, I started GlobalBitcoinConference.com to weed out the hype, teach the basics with care, and give crypto enthusiasts of all levels the tools they need. I invite you to get something out of our two-way conversation!

Moving on,
Anit is the founder and self-taught crypto analyst

We can figure out crypto’s huge potential together, you don’t need to know a lot about finance. Just keep an open mind.